"Where We Bear Christ in our Lives"



Catholics, practicing and not, will come (depending on timezone - the already and not yet) in droves. Many of them disengaged with the parish grind and anything in between. They're tied up with family, work, worldly pleasures (not bad at all) and perhaps, find little meaning in church life. Parish Christmas Ads have been in circulation in the greater Marana area and beyond weeks in advance but generated little attention: clicks, likes, reactions and reach...

Unlike other churches, there's no clearly laid out plan here @ St Christopher for a possible catching up with faith. A simple invitation to take a deep breath would be enough for a small crowd of no more than 300 people. The game plan (if there's any) is to make them feel welcome with a warm smile and a divine loving embrace, provide a sanctuary, offer a safe space in the privacy of their hearts, enjoy the peace and serenity and the quiet stillness of the moment with little to no pressure of coming back, next week or next year or whenever, whatever...


Christmas is a story of a distant God whose name can't even be pronounced and yet, fulfilled his promise in the charismatic persona of Jesus Christ, his Son, born in humble circumstances (in a cave), the savior of the world, broke all records by dying on the cross, wishing nothing other than to connect and reconnect and befriend fallen humanity.


There will be a blessing of the infant Jesus as a remarkable symbol of divine love and light among families, relatives, friends and even churches in adverse circumstances. May the helpless new born child wrapped in swaddling clothes be a source of unity, peace and reconciliation among us. Amen.