"Where We Bear Christ in our Lives"



The fact that Jesus deliberately chose fishermen (and not in other fields of work) as his first disciples along the shores of the Sea of Galilee speaks a great deal about the nature, identity and the mission associated with it. To be fishers of men is foremost to work for God, for the most sacred (divine and human) and important organization in the world - the church engaged in the salvation of humankind. Who doesn't want to be part of this noble purpose?





It is no wonder then that the first four disciples (Simon and Andrew, James and John) upon hearing the call immediately dropped everything to follow Jesus even on a moment's notice. They couldn't resist the magnitude of the call, the urgency of the message, the charism of the one calling even to the extent of leaving behind their most precious relationships (social network: father and work force) and livelihood (tools of trade, nets, boats).

As 5-star recruits, everything carried out (from the mundane to the spectacularly heroic) must be predicated under the name of  God and no claim to fame through virtuous acts must be sought unless offered  (most unlikely) or else, things fall apart. To work for God, to serve in a parish community as a volunteer then is a badge of honor and not an embarrassment.

As catchers of our fellows in a post-modern setting (materialism over spirituality) largely characterized by strong indifference to religious institutions, to drive out the evil lurking underneath the perilous waters of the sea (mission field) and to come to the rescue of those alienated and hostile from God is of primary importance. Heads up, no one should dive into these fierce waters alone or even test it with both feet without a support system and a strategically laid-out plan. To fish out then requires a tremendous amount of team work, patience and preparation. In a nutshell, if we don't try (either casting nets or live baits) and instead rely on others to do the heavy lifting for us, we're not doing our job at all.

Welcome Aboard!

We are now entering the mission field.